He told me I like how your mind works.

I like when people post stuff that’s important to them, whatever that is.

I enjoy watching far off kids of friends of mine growing up from far away. I actually enjoy when they post, “My kid drew this” artwork and stuff.

I can’t be a part of their lives on a day to day basis in 3D land but I can vicariously enjoy being close to their family.

But I like kids. Always did. But I seem to have a natural way. A month ago I got a compliment that made me just about blush; I never think about _family members of facebook friends_ reading my posts.

So, I got this one. I felt like King of the World, so much that I saved the compliment – you know, for those crappy times that life feels like shit; I’ve saved lots of unique compliments for those times. I’m weird like that


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