he “stuff inbetween” is what I’ve been studying and the nature of “glue” is fasctinating

Awesome – you saved me a trip through wikipedia and a bunch of pondering. – so cohesion and surface tension – -now they’re actually the same thing deep down, right? They’re the guards that keep the town safe. They’re the structure of the building materials, with the inside containing, well, anything.

And in the case of a sponge or a foam – really containing just about anything.

Take away the surface tension and you still have things that help it stick together. O_O just did a quick read on van der Waals Bonding – hah, it’s static that holds it together or that magical magnetic moment :)

Magnetic moments are fasctinating – they are the nature of where magnetism itself comes from: The 720 degree spin. It’s all about the structure not about the stuff inside


I suspect any structure would instantly become magnetic, if its foam was in the right shape and size. Things are magnetic only coincidentally because their SHAPES are conductive (hah) to magnetism.


It’s true! And foam is one of those weird, interesting things. My mind is exploding with connections. Believe it or not, I started to be fasctinated by them while looking at a Pumice Stone. It looks like a sponge, feels like a hard sponge but no amount of water makes it soak up water… and yet, it’s got all these little tunnels and caverns in it and then I realize: They’re BUBBLES that are FROZEN! Frozen bubbles.

I looked how pumice is made – and I was like O_O they *are* frozen bubbles. Inverted Lava bubbles.

Also, I discovered three swipes with it and my elbows are silky smooth xD


I do :) It’s pretty awesome stuff. The “stuff inbetween” is what I’ve been studying and the nature of “glue” is fasctinating: How to make different things cooperate. breakdown and my take on what you said: Tell me your thoughts?

cohesion: cooperation. “We two different surfaces want to stick together”.
adhesion: adverse. “You want to stick to me. I don’t want to stick to you. But I won’t reject your stickiness either.
surface tension: “How much do I cooperate with myself before I fall apart and let the other surface come in freely?”

I like the analogy of gears, because it’s easy to visualize the gears teeth intermeshing easier than “electron clouds” and other whoozy stuff. I think the very term “electron cloud” is a misnomer/misnamed due to the physicists own “cloudy thinking” regarding randomness itself but anyway…

Gears of the same teeth and metal are all moving together in unison. What’s the magnetic force between them? (static electricity *is* magnetism when seen at a small scale, heck its ALL forms magnetism) – to me that’s surface tension.

Differenet gears of different types – that’s cohesion and adhesion and really it’s a subjective matter of “how much” they play well together. I don’t think there’s an either/or with cohesion and adhesion.. its just a matter of degree… because ALL THINGS STICK at some level… until you get to absolute Zero… because all electrons interact with one another at least a LITTLE… what do you think?

Ah! There got it! Wettability: “A wetting liquid is a liquid that forms a contact angle with the solid which is smaller then 90º. A non wetting liquid creates a contact angle between 90º and 180º with the solid. “

Experiments using ImageJ/Fiji – just added “Mexican Hat Filter” after lots of research in computer vision and speculations about human vision to see if I can recreate human tracing over an image – and even when I use really wide swaths, it works. I’m amazed.



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