He starts hogging up the copy machine. The librarians are, at first patient.

I’m not attempting to block anything, Noah. Here’s something for your imagination other than conspiracy:

Imagine a guy goes into a public library, carrying armfuls of index cards. He pulls two tables together and begins spreading them out and starts stacking them up, putting rubber bands and binder clips around them.

He starts hogging up the copy machine. The librarians are, at first patient.

But as the copy machine runs low on toner, the library staff takes him aside, asks him to be respectful of the other patrons and not hog up the tables or the copy machine and to slow down a little.

That’s me.

Jeff showed me how I could make my submissions a lower priority so they wouldn’t get in the way of other patrons uploads.

He also gave some suggestions for organizing them into single pages with multiple files. As organization is the issue I’m hoping the IA can help me out with, I’m not ready for that stage yet but that will be my next stage: sorting and organizing with multiple videos on single pages and then removing the excess individual pages once they are moved.

I’m not trying to shut down the IA. I’m not trying to make your experience here painful, Noah.

I’m definitely not a government agency. Look my name up. I’m all over the web, doing whatever I do.

I’ve lowered the priority of my submissions so that I won’t overtax IA’s servers, and slowed down my upload process.

I have more to go, but I’ll be done before you know it and again, I’m sorry it is inconveniencing you, Noah. This is not my intent and I’m doing the best I can to balance things out and be respectful. I’m grateful for the unique opportunity here, which is not available anywhere else that I’ve seen and I appreciate having the space to accomplish organization of something that has been very difficult for me without having to worry about the IA eventually shutting down or going away as commercial sites so often do.


Am I an attention seeking narcissist?  It’s possible, polekat.  I had a little psychology in college but not enough to make a psychological determination of that and I’m sure I’d have some cognitive bias in the matter and I’d likely say I don’t.  But again, I’d be biased.

Noah, you don’t have to believe me.  If you think I’m declaring war on you, I can’t help that.  I pick this time of day (2:15am my time) because I’m hoping it’s a time of day that will least impact the servers and the people using the service.

I really am trying to be a good boy scout here in this project.



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