He jumps differently in water than in air so a single jump results in a different distance.

Transformation is warping rubber sheet with shit on it, twisting and bending, squishing and stretching it. The shit on it warps too and looks weird when we try to use the same coordinate system at the same time that we SHOULD BE using an overlaying coordinate system. Oh and the shit on it can TELEPORT too.

In short, warping spacetime in a relative dimension. But I’m a spacetime nut tongue emoticon I hate all the names tho’. I’d teach transformations using a graphics program and students would have to make crap show up on the screen using the right commands. The right commands would ALSO happen to be the names for the four categories of transformations

Something like that.

I wouldn’t use this type of stuff http://www.purplemath.com/modules/fcntrans2.htm but whatever. They’re obsessed with the damn curvy lines. OO – we can move it over two spaces in a difficult way… thanks Newton but we have video games now and we work in pixels now. Thanks for the concepts; we’ll take over from here: I need to move Mario across the screen and make a realistic looking JUMP utilizing the conditions of the Level he’s on.

He jumps differently in water than in air so a single jump results in a different distance…. and ooh we’re going to give him teleport so the same jump shows up somewhere else.

I’m being purposely unhelpful. I have to get my rant out. I’d be failed by my Trig teacher. My Trig teacher was very annoyed with how I thought about things ’til I explained myself. In my mind, I translated all mathematical concepts into BASIC ’cause that’s what my Tandy Color Computer 2 had, and I imagined I was making a little video game. This is back in 1988/89 and of those Newtonian concepts were perfectly embedded in making things show up on the screen.

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