He idolized his brother. His brother lived of the casinos

He idolized his brother. His brother lived of the casinos. If he wanted to fly somewhere, the casino would pay for it somehow. Wanted to eat a fancy dinner with his family? Casino paid for it. He set up his mother with a comfortable retirement and helped his brother out. I don’t think he was crazy that whole time.

But he was definitely crazy at the end.
He was having a mental breakdown right on camera. I had trouble processing my grandmother’s death and if you caught me a day or two afterwards, I’d be a rambling mess too. I can’t imagine trying to process this.

I’m not ruling out a casino hit though after hearing this interview you shared.

If he was living of casino comps and is even 1/2 of intelligent as his brother says, he could’ve been beating the system.

Mob’s as powerful in Vegas as they ever were. Not saying this is the case but not ruling it out either.

Oh not a profit. “The house always wins”. (the Casino always is on top). But even though he’s paid for those perks ahead of time, he “feels like” he’s living off the casino. For example, it’s cheap for a hotel to give a guy an expensive room for the night ‘for free’ in the bottom line. But if it’s a $1000/night room for the customer given for “free”, it’s probably only costs the casino $80-120 a night in reality.

He probably “paid into” that room LONG before he ever requested it.

But he feels as if he’s getting something special.

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