he “grow your own crystals…”

I’m amazed at what can be done already at the atomic level. Growing up, this was a dream. Saw my first picture of the surface of molecules as a teenager and couldn’t believe how close reality looks to those line and circle drawings they use in textbooks. Then seeing individual atoms – – NOW moving the bonds with a skinny needle? We probably won’t NEED quantum computers – do it at the atomic le…vel, build circuits out of atoms. They’d have to do better than moving them with a needle, of course – imagine millions of mechanical needles moving atomic bonds – it wouldn’t be worth it – but that it can be DONE at all shows great promise for the future of computing. – yes, graphene is amazing stuff – love the work with carbon nanotubes and the like. Soon you’ll see a kids “Grow your own nanotubes” kit for $9.95 just like the “grow your own crystals… “

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