hax handled like a baws minecraft

I remember eLy73 groups in BBS days and the early internet having a similar organizational ‘unstructure’ – lots of posturing, a few people actually doing something The good actions are “that was us” and the bad ones were, “That person did not represent us / is a rogue / etc”. Same idea.

I’d occasionally get a new player on my minecraft server. Claim to be from Anonymous and they were gonna ddos us (for whatever reason). I’d say, “go for it” and I’d watch the pings come in, the telnet attemps, the ftp attempts, the port sniffing, whatever. I never ran a firewall ’cause I know where everything’s at and what it does. ONE guy actually made my Internet go _slower_ for 30 seconds. THAT was impressive. He had hits coming in from Russia, Australia, Turkey, NZ, US, Canada – he knew his way around the anonymizers, the pingers, had the right network setup at home. But, nothin’ – server kept running. *He* got knocked off. I let him come back on – I didn’t ban ppl. He said, “SEE THAT?” I said, “See what? Nothing happened”.

but I knew they weren’t anonymous even back then, just someone playing with their new hax software.

I ended up making him an Admin and in charge of a section of the server.. Turned out to be a decent leader and very fair. It’s not anonymous, just an anonymous-ish story to share.

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