Having trouble wrapping my mind around the distinctions, I asked it for TV Tropes: It obliged:

Having trouble wrapping my mind around the distinctions, I asked it for TV Tropes: It obliged:

INFP 1w9: Technical Pacifist – A character who opposes violence but is willing to use it as a last resort to uphold their principles.
INFP 2w1: All-Loving Hero – A character who demonstrates exceptional kindness and a desire to help everyone, even at their own expense.
INFP 2w3: The Heart – A character who embodies empathy, understanding, and support for their group or community.
INFP 3w2: The Charismatic Leader – A character who leads with charisma and empathy, inspiring others to follow their vision.
INFP 3w4: Byronic Hero – A complex, introspective character with a strong sense of ethics, often driven by personal ambition.
INFP 4w3: The Artiste – A character who expresses their unique vision and creativity, often through art or performance.
INFP 4w5: The Philosopher – A character who seeks understanding of their own existence and the world around them through introspection and contemplation.
INFP 5w4: The Hermit – A wise and mysterious character who seeks knowledge and understanding, often through solitude.
INFP 5w6: The Spock – A character who values logic and intellect above all, often appearing introverted and detached.
INFP 6w5: The Conscience – A character guided by a strong sense of moral duty and responsibility to others.
INFP 6w7: The Idealist – A character who is loyal to their beliefs and values, often striving for a better world.
INFP 7w6: The Pollyanna – An eternally optimistic character who believes in the pursuit of happiness and personal fulfillment.
INFP 7w8: The Adventurer – A character who thrives on exploration and new experiences, often with a positive and optimistic outlook.
INFP 8w7: Social Reformer – A character who fights for justice and equality, advocating for the rights of the underprivileged.
INFP 8w9: Pragmatic Hero – A character who combines pragmatism and compassion to achieve their goals, often for the greater good.
INFP 9w1: The Messiah – A character who embodies universal love and understanding, often seeking harmony and unity among people.
INFP 9w8: All-Loving Diplomat – A character who embraces diversity and seeks to resolve conflicts by promoting understanding and cooperation.

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