Having a limited perspective is a good thing – I learn from every new communication..

I was born premature at six months, and shouldn’t exist. Yet, here I am. Historically, I will be: Kenneth Udut: 1972 – ????

I don’t know or care what those ???? numbers will be. I just know that I am in the – part right now.

Living in my -, I have only my eyes to see with, my ears to hear with, my brain to think with, filled with whatever concepts have been shown to me thus far. I piece them together as best I can.

I don’t even have “normal eyes”. 1 eye is extremely nearsighted, the other has a black spot on the retina that keeps me from centering on anything. There is a “black snow” that makes it impossible to focus in on anything in particular, even if glasses make it sharp. So, my two eyes merge together as best they can. I wouldn’t be typing here without glasses.

I have an ear that has never heard anything much at all, and the other goes only up to 5000 hz, due to being premature.

In short, I *literally* have a limited perspective on the world and everything in it.

So, I compensate.

I listen more closely to what people have to say. I have to interpret their words (whether spoken but also written) more carefully. My brain is forced to pay more attention to the limited perspective it is given on the world.

Yet, I consider myself entirely normal. I have no reason to assume otherwise. Just because a majority of people seem to see/hear differently than me, doesn’t matter to me. I’m glad they have better eyes and ears and more perspective on the world. I listen to everybody because each person can see something that I don’t see. They’re not in my body or mind. I’m not in their mind or body. So I make the most out of communication and strive to always walk away from every encounter having learned something new.

If I haven’t learned something new, then my extra effort in listening was wasted energy.

I don’t care as much if someone agrees with me. I just like them to walk away feeling that “Ken is a nice guy”, because when they do, maybe they’ll want to share more of their perspective of the world with me again in the future.

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