Have you ever stolen anything?

Have you ever stolen anything?  Nov-18-2013
Yes. I steal 1.41 grams of oxygen per minute at 15 breaths per minute = 100 mg of oxygen molcules or Sixteen sextillion molecules of oxygen with each breath. But I return a bunch of carbon with that when I exhale. Yeah, I’m burning REALLY slowly. So yeah, stealing oxygen while I breath. I do that.

And I. uh… also steal other things. It’s regarding water and protein and fat and glucose and salt.. yeah… and I also steal space that I occupy that MAYBE could be used better by something else.

I’ve also been known to steal people’s Time… oh gosh and the appliance and computers and things that I run… I steal electrons, OH GOD, do i love to steal electrons… and photons… don’t get me started how many photons I am stealing.

*sigh* yes, I’m stealing a lot of photon – I’m compressing them like sponges into my brain so I can expand and use them later when I want do…

And phonons.. I do like music.. and yeah.. I steal pressure waves… and they get converted into *sigh* more photons — the very ones I stole before…

I just can’t help myself. I’m also stealing your time right now. Oh and INFORMATION! YES, I steal an aweful lot of information… stuff other people put out there.. I reflect protons off of their encoded squigglies and squish them into my brain for my own selfish purposes…

I mean.. I DO return carbon. Oh and lots of nitrogen when I pee and… well.. so I DO give back to the community, don’t get me wrong.

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