have solid (or molten) cor…

Nicholas – YES – that’s something I’m starting to “get” that really is starting to congeal in my understanding: Phases of matter. We’re taught “solid, liquid, gas” and as we go on in school, we might learn “plasma”, but that’s it. But then you have superfluid – another state of matter. Then even in energy, you have ‘states of energy”. and it makes absolute sense that TEMPERATURE really RULES t…he Universe in so many ways – temperature is made by energy and also transfers energy to excite particles. An example: one great explanation of the difference between the inner and outer planets was made SO SIMPLE when temperature was invoked: As the new sun came to life, the gases were generally blown BACK by the solar winds and the heat stripped much of the gases away from the inner planets. But the outer planets, who also have solid (or molten) cor… “

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