Have kids if you want. Don’t if you don’t. Take care of them if you do. Easy.

Have kids if you want. Just take care of them if you do. I haven’t had kids yet, always end up being UncleManGuyRole so I never had to have any “kids of my own” to be in a position to assist the future generations.

I don’t feel any need for my genetic code in particular to carry on; mine isn’t so different from anybody else’s. It’s human enough, that’s good enough.

But if someone wants to have no kids, or 22 kids, go right ahead. I wouldn’t sweat overpopulation; the whole overpopulation thing is silly and selfish, focusing on the needs of the present generation and not even considering the future effects.

First world countries have fewer kids via some weird philosophical stance that’s been popular historically since the 1970s.. Other parts of the world do things normally. Some have ‘em, some don’t, just like always.

Get enough people, and wars will break out or plagues will spread and and the population will dip down again. That’s how it goes. How it’s always been.

But advising a nation to bring itself to extinction? Silliness. Have kids if you want ‘em. Don’t if you don’t. Easy.

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