Have an annoying part of work/school?

^Have an annoying part of work/school? Have fun with it. Write a story of "What happens AFTER my job is done / my part is played?"

I'm writing invoices right now. Now I'm a nice guy, Mr. Nice all of the time. I love being this way, and will never change. But I have a little wicked side, and when i have to send out 2nd and 3rd Notices to companies that haven't paid yet, this is the story I have in my head:

Sending reminders to companies who haven't paid us yet, I have to be a nag and start nagging with emails that say things like:


which is a lot of fun. it's especially fun when I have to use the FAX machine, because it sends a piece of paper to their office. EVERYBODY in their office uses the same FAX machine. So here's what happens (I'll make up names)

Betty, who has nothing to do with hiring us, sees a piece of paper, facing up, on the fax machine that says:
Attn: Stephanie
Farfin Marfin Conglomic Inc.

Betty gets a HUGE grin on her face. She picks up the piece of paper and yells out,
"Hey STEPHANIE! There's this fax from Affordable Trapping. It says "Second Notice Please Pay Immediately!"

Stephanie is mortified! She quietly gets up, tail between her legs, walks over to Betty and says, "I got this Betty, don't YOU worry about it.", trying unsuccessfully to recover her dignity, and sheepishly goes back to her desk, contacts the Accounting Department and has them cut a check for us and mail it to us.

Betty is smiling 'cause she got one over on Stephanie, who should have paid her invoice from us on time, but mostly because Stephanie always does everything right, all of the time – and this time, she didn't.

I'm smiling when I send the fax because I know this kind of things happens all of the time. (I used to work in offices – they're a lot like school – in fact, exactly like middle school and high school – with all the drama included).

And next time Stephanie uses us – she learns and pays us on time, so she won't be embarassed by Betty, who is "The Woman From The Office That I Can't Stand". (every women has a woman that they can't stand – just one of those facts of life ;P )

And that's what I tell myself when write up and send out reminder notices. It makes a very boring thing, fun.^

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