Has morality progressed since Columbus? Perhaps somewhat but not really.

No, I don’t think it has changed much.
There are examples of Collaboration as well as resistance.

Cases of collaboration are equivalent to cooperation between native and explorers.

To occupy a territory does not necessarily imply obliteration of the indigenous people, at any point in history I don’t think.

Unless I’m missing something.

They may have had an inferior morality Philip Galanter but it’s because the the occupiers had the attitude of assholes taking over.
The proper morality most certainly existed at that time.
They just chose not to use it.

If you remember history, Columbus was deposed after a smear campaign against him, and the smearer got to run the place for a few years. He’s the reason why we have the negative account of Columbus at all.

Unfortunately, because he was politically motivated to smear Columbus, his historical account must also be taken with a grain of salt – with skepticism. It’s more than likely there were gross exaggerations in his account against Columbus.

Nevertheless, where there’s smoke, there’s likely no Sainthood waiting for him. I doubt Columbus was a great governor at the time and likely was a prick.

Still, he brought the Americas to the attention of Western Europe, eventually leading to the point where I’m sitting here, in Florida, in Spanish–> English –> Spanish –> American territory and for that, I have no qualms with him having a day.

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