Hard not to notice the connection between prediction time and time predicted.

The Singularity.
The Singularity is a hypothesized future time where a strong form of Artificial Intelligence will be here.

I often mention Ray Kurzweil but it was http://mindstalk.net/vinge/vinge-sing.html who originated the concept.

Vinge’s prediction was before 2030 (set for around 45 years after he made the prediction) and Kurzweil’s prediction, which he talked about in http://www.amazon.com/The-Age-Spiritual-Machin…/…/0140282025 in 1999 but became uber-popular for after his 2005 book.

Kurzweil sets his prediction for around 2045, about 45 years after the prediction.

Hard not to notice the connection between prediction time and time predicted.

[to me, points to cognitive assumptions found among near-futurists, as you’ll often see predictions that range around the 40-50 year mark]

Now all that aside, do you believe?

What are your thoughts on the concept that technology will be self-aware in a way that *we* can measure and know?

Conversely, is it possible that machines are already self-aware and it is we that are unaware of their awareness?

Or are computers and their programs limited by the constraints and assumptions of the original programming; in short, will they always be limited by built-in assumptions by the programmer (even ones the programmers themselvers were unaware of?)

[it’s not an either/or thing; just whatever thoughts you have]

My personal bias: I remember when Vinge was a bit of a kook as was Kurzweil when he started talking/writing about it. Transhumanism and strong AI were very fringe topics. Perhaps they still are, but they’ve gotten more press and more belief among the population as time has gone on.

So you can expect a slight bias when I respond, which I do try to curtail.

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