happy feelings I assume -…

Brian, you HAVE to factor in LOSS in the equation. Mutual agreements rarely are (mutual, that is, or agreements, really) You have to find a way to be able to say, “It’s okay’ – and MEAN it – for EVERY possible outcome when you are dealing with money and people. You have to plan for every contingincy. if you were at war, you wouldn’t have a plan of action without also having various exit strate…gies – WHAT IF? scenerios planned out well in advance. Old BASIC programming years ago trained me for this: IF this happens THEN do this ELSE IF that happens THEN do the other thing. etc… And hurt feelings are one of the possible outcomes that need a strategy for dealing with. If it’s your feelings that are hurt, then that’s something you’ll have to figure out how to handle where you end up with the feelings that you want – happy feelings I assume -… “

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