^HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, HAPPY DAY to those whose birthdays and anniversaries and other special occasions happen on September 11th. If you are in the United States today is, as I was reminded this morning, like Pearl Harbor once was – a sad day that takes away from what should your own happy day.

So PLEASE – friends/family of people whose birthdays/anniversaries happen today: DON'T FORGET ABOUT THEM! They're already having a bittersweet occasion – give them an extra 500% of your SPECIAL ATTENTION so they don't try looking for attention in other ways. Because EVERYBODY needs a special day.

PS – RIGHT in the middle of posting this, I got a call from who might do some extra work with us in our Naples Animal Trapping business (Affordable Trapping as you know) – and HIS birthday happens to be… TODAY. I told him what I was writing, and he was very modest about it, "Well, something horrible happened 11 years ago and it's just a birthday"… but when we talked about it some more, he's like, "Well it's like having a birthday around Christmas – you kind DO get ripped off." So PLEASE – for just a little while today, MAKE THEM FEEL SPECIAL. They're here, in your lives, TODAY, and they get just one birthday / one anniversary. Care about Sept 11th: for ALL the things happening on it today.^

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