Hang on… Trump? JUSTINIAN I!?!

Hang on… Trump? JUSTINIAN I!?!

I have to process this a little. Wait… no.. .. .. no no. I can see what they were shooting for in this meme… but… no. Gotta lose the baseball cap here. Nope. Nope. Almost got me here but nope.

Ok. Justinian I -was- a prolific builder. Also, we wouldn’t have the tremendous historians either. Plus, thanks to his efforts, the Eastern Roman Empire continued… and he *did* manage to politically avert a schism of East and West by stepping into theological debates – an aversion to schism that managed to continue for another 500 years ’til the Great Schism … so that’s certainly a very noteworthy achievement.

But… yeah… he was a tad intrusive. Ok.. he was MORE than a tad intrusive. Yet, is it fair to put today’s standards upon the decisions of a leader from 1500 years ago?

I suppose one could. It’s certainly tempting to do so. But is it historically fair or accurate to do so?

I dunno. But Trump is no Justinian I. Nope. Gotta lose the baseball cap. I see what they were shooting for in the meme and I suppose it’s cute – it got my attention..but nope – can’t go with it.

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