Haidinger’s Brush, quantum stuff, polarization, measuring of light, limitations of knowledge via objectivism only.

Haidinger's_brushlol we human can be so dumb.

This is Haidinger’s Brush.  Does this shape look familiar?  haven’t you see it in different ways, expressed mathematically or in videos and pictures describing Quantum weirdness stuff, nature of light, polarization, magnetism, etc. etc.?

Anyway, think about this: We’re human.  We have biological limitations.  We use systems (like mathematics, science, measuring itself, and all the computers and other tools) that were BUILT by humans, FOR the use of humans.

and no matter HOW SOPHISTICATED these measuring systems and tool become, we’ll always run across:


The limitations of Objective Perception form this shape, like a window screen.  We don’t notice the window screen unless we get REALLY REALLY close to it.

Can we get past it?  Sure we can.  But it’s a bias built into everything that’s hard to shake because it’s built into everything humans have made for our own use involving what we consider an objective view of reality.



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