^Hah, hearing the police "every breath^

^Hah, hearing the police "every breath you take" got me thinking about paranoia. (yeah, my brain goes ALL over the place – AND NO, i'm not paranoid – or AM I? I'll go ask the government agents and the aliens – they'll tell me – oh wait, will they?) –
Anywho: The great thing about paranoia is this: You only have to be right once.
Am I talking about you? Bet you think I am! Out of 1200 friends, I'm focusing on you! Beware! The cameras are on. Get your aluminum foil hats out kids – the mind probes are are coming through the cell phone towers and they're visualizing your thoughts in a government lab in Area 51. Oh, I need to write for the Weekly World News (no offense to the fans of Bat Boy). Man, they got good music on this channel tonite. All the 80s crap I grew up with – and I love it all.^

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