Had DC won over AC:

Consider this:
Had DC won over AC:
a) Battery technology would be ahead by 100 years, instead of stagnating for decades due to the dominance of electric
b) battery powered cars would be a common reality by now.
c) The oil/coal it takes to boil the steam to move the generators to make the a/c wouldn’t be as commonplace. It’s likely our dependence on oil/gas might have been curtailed had we gone to DC

Yet at the same time:
Electric is to thank for a lot of our progress – EVEN THOUGH the majority of household appliance internally *WORK ON DC* – including my laptop.

Food for thought.

Tesla’s reputation as “unrecognized genius” is a bit over-stated. He was an interesting man but I honestly don’t understand the devotion so many have to him and I have a number of friends who are Tesla devotees, so I get to hear about it frequently.

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