Had another electron "a-ha" moment: Quantum

^Had another electron "a-ha" moment: Quantum Entanglement. Two massless particles (which necessarily travel at the speed of light – e=mc2 – no mass, pure energy, speed of light). If it's true that something travelling at the speed of light doesn't experience TIME or SPACE then: get this: That's why two electrons / photons / etc can act IN SYNC with each other: They don't experience travel time, distance, any of that stuff – they're simple, well, CONNECTED. Two photons, once connected, stay connected. Nothing weird – it's not like there is a wire between them. Time is irrelevent to them – doesn't exist for them – so it's easy for them to have an instantaneous change of spin, or velocity, or whatever it is that they're doing in sync with each other. they bypassed time. They bypassed space. they only exist in whatever "Now" there is.^

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