Had a dream last night that

^Had a dream last night that was its own adventure movie. Lots of interesting characters in it. Interesting locations too. One scene involved an outdoor conveyer belt about 12 feet above the ground carrying contruction refuse – boards with old nails, etc. But there was no solid floor on the conveyer belt – you had to either sit tight on the debris or if you wanted to move faster, you'd have to carefully walk without falling through the pieces. It wasn't high enough to kill you but you'd get hurt if you fell, or if debris fell down with you, you'd REALLY get hurt.

I found myself chaperoning (or a part of) a class trip – which had interesting characters – one of which was apparently an overweight bully who I was trying to rehabilitate. He stopped bullying but he unfortunately still had a habit of randomly pushing people: not out of anger, just no impulse control. He pushed me a few times and i nearly fell to the ground through the debris (and I yelled at him each time – finally, I realized that that I couldn't help him and kept walking forward through the slowly moving forward mess). There were probably about a dozen characters on this conveyer belt, all different personalities, all different ages, some real life, some cartoons. I could write a story about each of them.

Next scene was an old building, never entirely built, but had about 12 stories in it. identical hallways running in spirals from the top to the bottom floor. Unfortunately, all the floors were plywood – not nailed down. And there were buttons at the end of each hallway as you made a turn that would mean certain doom – simple electrical switches that looked like they would turn on lights but they turned on machinery instead.

As we shifted to this scene, I was following DOC from BACK TO THE FUTURE, who was almost out of sight, always a turn ahead of me. Madly chasing after him in fact, around spiral hallways with broken plywood sheets for the floor, and a misstep and the sheet shifts, you go falling down to the next floor.

Alas, by this point, I was STILL chaperoning all those dozen or so younger folk, but I had to let them trust their own instincts and help each other out because it was more important for me to catch up to Doc.

When I finally caught up to Doc, we still had 6 floors to go before we hit the bottom floor. He screams, in typical Doc Brown fashion, "Do not, I repeat, do NOT press ANY of those buttons you see!". So I yelled back to the kids "DON'T PUSH (click) ANY BUTTONS!", but I was too late – one had already decided to push the wrong one "(click)". The structure started tumbling down and we had to rush our way down spiral hallways to the ground floor, running even faster than before. As we almost made it to the outside, I looked back briefly for a second to see if everybody was okay and a cloud of dust surrounded me and Doc and all the characters – and I got to see what each of them saw and feel what they felt for just a moment – and i woke up, never knowing if we all made it to safety.

Not a nightmare, but an adventure dream.^

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