Hacking, Programming, Encouragement – you *can* do it if you want.

Start with scripting. Something like Javascript. You can see the results immediately and you get that instant gratification.

Cue Middle Aged Programmer Talk: “Back In My Day”, I taught myself BASIC when I was 11 and it was the basis for everything. Learned Pascal, another obsolete language – and in short, learned a LOT of languages that would end up becoming obsolete.

Anyway, start with something that has immediate gratification. LUA is also a great possibility if you do gaming. In fact, LUA might even be better because it’s very flexible.

In short, start with hacking/scripting then move up to programming when the scripting languages fail you.

The benefit of scripting is that you don’t have to write the bulk of things; you’re fulfilling the needs of programming by accomplishing a task. The difference is a lot of the work is already done for you, because you have huge worlds to manipulate.

Also, I would suggest PHP, as it’s again, instant gratification (web based) and quite simple.

THEN start working on other languages. Maybe try hacking something together with JAVA (many games are JAVA based) or, if you have a phone, use programming languages that allow you to go straight to the phone.

Learning CSS/HTML is also a huge plus if you don’t have them under your belt already.

Beyond that, skies the limit. Once you get the basics of how one scripting language works, you’ve pretty much gotten the ‘gist’ of all of them mastered more or less.

The rest is translation and quirks related to the languages in question.

Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about learning a language _unless_ you have a good reason to. You want it to DO something.

Otherwise you’ll just be bored and give up.

Start with hack scripts. You don’t have to _use_ them (but whether you do or not is up to you; consequences are obvious of course, and they’ve got bots sniffing around for hacking patterns which will permaban your IP address/account, etc.

In short; somebody’s ALWAYS watching

But they’re a great way to learn. Chat bots are a great way to learn programming. Make something that can talk to you. Or talk _for_ you. Macros. Then have the macros answer questions in a chat window. You know, go straight to human-like.

You spend a LOT OF TIME talking to yourself when you’re programming – believe me – so it makes a good possible first project.

Python I’ve heard is a great choice – it’s getting more and more popular.

I know kids – 8+ who taught themselves programming because they wanted Minecraft to do something it didn’t do. By 10 years old, they’re the masters of all things JAVA and Mod making – all because they had goals and they didn’t care what got in their way.

it’s the secret right there.

hacking has light side/dark side and sometimes they overlap. I have a friend who writes these amazing programs and scripts (mostly through batch files but with advanced scripting and programming) that are designed to entirely WRECK an enemy’s hard drive, or just taunt them as they use it, invisibly.

He doesn’t actually send them OUT, but he takes his *hatred* – of a friend that betrayed him – into wicked evil plans that he never carries out, but meanwhile, he’s mastered so much programming, script making, networking protocols.. all fueled by a goal: utter destruction. He WON’T do it, but he _could_. That’s payback enough.

I’m not a fan of vengance, but it’s a great motivator, as long as one knows when to stop.

But I know you can do it. Programming isn’t hard when you have a reason that’s powerful enough. Trolling is a great motivator too. I mean, these are quasi darkside/lightside, depending how far you take trolling. Lightside hacking is busting copy protection that seems unfair, snatching protected content, stuff like that. At least, I consider it lightside, unless one wants to profit from the digital theft. Then it’s darkside

Yeah, I mean I don’t have a problem with most hacking/trolling unless it’s permanently destructive. I hate lost data. My mother’s computer got wrecked by CryptoLocker v2. Has a lot of my stuff trapped on it too. All because she clicked on a link in an email. Scrambled NEARLY every FILE on her computer with super-advanced encryption.

The guy is in jail; he’s never getting out. But it put a ransom note in every directory.

The only way to fix it? All the experts out there, all they can say is, “Go to his website (which is still running) and pay the ransom. It’s the only way to get your files back”.

He was _that good_ of a hacker. Huge profit too – he raked in millions before getting found. All her stuff is trapped on there, and thousands of *my files* that I hadn’t gotten around to backing up are also scrambled. And… I can’t fix it. That’s the worst part. I could just get her computer to limp along ’til somebody out there finds a cure.

So, that’s wicked dark side evil to me. But anything that _isn’t_ destructive, eh, go for it. Anything up to the point of release is fine.

Working with computers my whole life, there’s really _nothing_ you can’t get it to do. The trick is figuring out HOW.

Simple ways to control games: Keyboard/Mouse macros. Great thing to learn. Come up with some scripts that automatically press the mouse button 27 times for every click, for example. Stuff like that.

But you have to time it right; if it’s TOO fast, their hack-detection things will catch you and _boom_, you’re out, banned, gone, etc.

So, do it on a temp account, go through an IP anonymizer if you really want to hide, install the software on a separate directory – stuff like that. As long as you’re not being evil, I don’t see the harm.

Or skip the hacking if you want and learn the languages. But my main point is about having a goal, that’s all
Hope I helped inspire you a little. Also, don’t be afraid to try the “Programming for Kids” things out there too. There’s nothing wrong with them. They’re expertly designed and they get you to “Think like a programmer”.

One GREAT resource is: https://scratch.mit.edu/ – I mean it’s _intended_ for elementary/middle school kids, but it’s advanced stuff in there. Everything you’ll need for programming is in there.

Whether it’s words you type, or puzzle pieces you move around – it’s the same logic. You’ll learn. And some of the projects these kids/teens (and adults – I know adults that use scratch to learn) are amazing.
Awesome If you succeed in making some stuff, shoot me a msg here on FB with a link or something. I’ll check it out! If you accept the challenge, I know you’ll do great! [and if you find it boring and say “screw this!” that’s ok too You’re not a better person for knowing programming. You might like it, you might not. I like making my computer do impossible things, which is what keeps me going ]

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