h. Well, it was an internet friend that would occasionally comment on my posts.

h. Well, it was an internet friend that would occasionally comment on my posts. It was usually quite friendly, occasionally confrontational. But I always felt it was within a spirit of friendship. They did not appear to be life-or-death battles. A spirit of friendship has a prerequisite of forgiveness – of holding a charitable interpretation of intent, even if the expressions may seem harsh or painful in the heat of discussion. In our final discussion, he was pressing me to find out if I had read the original texts of a philosopher. I don’t think it was Plato or Aristotle. It was honestly a bit of a blur because I began to explain, as I often do, how and why I don’t typically read original texts and why I find value in secondary commentary. The response was immediate and fierce. I don’t remember his words: May have been “I can’t in good conscience” or “I can’t be friend with someone who” – and I don’t know if it was intellectual dishonesty, or does not read original texts and all the reasons why that matters — I have no way to know because he said what he said, and blocked me, removing my ability to see the conversation.

Fascinating. I’m not having any luck yet – but parts are coming back as I search.

I remember being surprised at the argument taking place at all.

He had a minor quibble – it may have been universal vs particular? [that is coming to mind as I type] – perhaps a philosopher from around that time —
Yes, this is along those lines. It’s possible I’d referenced Wikipedia not as an authority but as a conceptual placeholder for the conversation — a marker of what I was referring to. But he took it as a reference and started hammering me about invalidity of Wikipedia. I started defending its pragmatic use and pointed out references that were in it and tried to move back to the topic pointed to in the Wikipedia post.

But it started devolving. It was like he was looking for a confession of some kind – and what I gave him was even worse because I was so cavalier about it, not a hint of shame or remorse in the expression of my methodology.



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