Grossing out 41641 of my facebook

^Grossing out 1/2 of my facebook friends in one status update, impressing the other 1/2: Picked up a Weber Baby-Q. Big enough for appetizers, about 10 burgers or 16 jumbo dogs at a time – and it's FAST. How did i break it in after a cleaning? LIVER AND ONIONS. Yup. I've only cooked liver a couple of times in my life, never on a grill. Have it once every couple of years. 1) heated up the grill 2) cooked both sides (from frozen) for about 2 mins each 3) Put the on a bed of raw onions for about 10 mins at a lower temp. 4) Ate it. Yum. I'll take a good steak or veggies or mashed potatoes or rice anyday, but it's good to "dare" your taste buds once in a while.^

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