Green State? You can vote 3rd party without worrying about it tipping the election in whatever you think the wrong direction may be. Enough 3rd party and that party gets some funding in the next election cycle. Since only a few states matter in the General Election, it’s safe for all of the Green colored states to vote for Johnson (Libertarian, and already seems to have enough pull to get some federal funding next election cycle thanks to growing popularity), or Stein (Green, popular among some ex-Sanders fans but doesn’t currently have strong percentages). I’m apparently in a “dangerous state”. The grey/gray states are ones where 3rd party votes -could- swing an election. I still don’t know who I’ve voting for. I never decide until I close the curtain behind me. But I keep my ears open. I _really_ want to see a third party with viability in the USA, whether or not I agree with the party. It will give some necessary balance, especially in areas that the Republicans and Democrats are in continual agreement that a third party may not be.

Why you can (and should) vote 3rd party in some states. via

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