Greatest Invention? My answer.

utilizing our tendency towards compressing happenings into communicable patterns for shared understanding and generation of heuristics in which to attempt to comprehend happenings socially in an agreeable fashion.


“That’s not an invention. That’s a progression in comprehensive skills.” someone replies.

I see no reason that it had to have progressed that way. Had we been in a continual state of “reaction” we might never have tried.

I can turn my answer into various “-ics” or words ending in “-try” if you like.

If I must, I will say Heuristics, although that misses out on aspects.

Or if I had take another step into academic style knowledge silos, I’ll say Engineering.

I don’t know what distinction you’re looking for. I’ve gone to the root. How many levels of abstraction from this progression that seems so very natural and obvious in your estimation before it becomes an invention?

Can I say, “civilization?” Or is that a natural progression of family clan into artificial families, within which peaceful co-existence could occur whereby more academic pursuits could be pursued?

How high up shall I go?

Well, I would’ve started with “artificial pointed stick” but that would’ve been exaggerating the point a little.

Inventing the segmentings of Time into cycles? I suppose I could go with that.


Inventing the segmentings of Time into cycles? I suppose I could go with that, although I have a feeling that we’ll just go around and around back to the same spot in the conversation again if I do that tongue emoticon




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