grammar nazis make good home inspectors, terrible home builders.

+Dj992Music I’m glad I helped confirm something you already believe.  I use punctuation creatively – I do a lot of writing, much of poetry, and since I am no longer in school, and getting an A+ is no longer important to me, I’m free to use my language how I like.

I’ve switched from – to ; to , as a main ‘break’ for pauses in sentences through the years; whatever I felt like.

I break the rules because I know the rules; and the rules came from usage.  They’re not set in stone or fixed.

If you are so easily swayed by structure not matching a pre-defined criteria, and entirely ignore the words within, or the ideas that are attempting to be presented; well, you would make a good Home Inspector and could point out flaws in construction, but I wouldn’t want you to build my house.

Pointing out flaws is easy; a computer is easily programmed to do so.  It can also point out my ‘flaws in grammatical construction’.

But can a computer come up with new and different ideas?

No.  Not yet.

Neither can people who are programmed like computers.  Without creativity, society cannot progress.  It can merely remain the same and do just as it did before, by following the same rules it has always followed.


1:23 AM

+Dj992Music In any case, thank you for being my English teacher for the night.  I would have gotten lots of red circles around my papers and gotten an F in English class.

Actually, I appreciate that you read everything I wrote; even if as a proofreader.  I may hire you as my editor; I can use one.

But here’s a question: Let’s suppose I allowed my computer to fix my creative punctuation:  Every dot and jiggle was exactly in standard, expected format.  All of my Nouns and Verbs and Adjective followed a proper order.  And – let’s say,  I presented the whole idea using one the god-awful styles they force Scientists to write in their Journals:

What then?

How would you consider my ideas – as they stand, with corrected punctuation, spelling, grammar?

Answer some of those; that might prove interesting.


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