Grace Hopper was a computer goddess. – her story still amazes me. She was a math and physics major at Vassar and graduate with honors in 1928, and went to teach in the 1930s. She was in her 30s herself, a professor in the progressive 1930s USA America. Gender equality was going very well at that point. But then, WWII. Her husband died in the war. She was ALMOST too old to enlist but battling depression and alcoholism, she had to do _something_ to relieve the pain. She was already in her 40s when she wrote the first compiler, was battling military and corporate alike to keep code “open” and shared. She was there throughout the whole thing and never stopped working and/or teaching. Just an amazing woman. Jes Scott – here is a truly inspirational human.

Grace Hopper – Nanoseconds via

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