Grace Hopper – she deserves all the credit for Open Source.

You’re welcome. To me, I actually hate the fact that they spread her around as “WOMEN IN COMPUTING”. It doesn’t matter that she was a women. What she did was absolutely amazing.

She a professor in the 1930s in Engineering if I remember right. Absolute genius in her own right. The institutions in the 1930s were more progressive than post WWII institutions, including today.

We make a big deal of “women in this and that” but in the 1930s, it was commonplace in academia.

Anyway, she didn’t care much about the war ’til her hubbie died and to get over a drinking problem (she was in her late 30s by then), she enlisted to help out, do her duty. It was odd because she was a woman and older, even by military standards, but her expertise made her necessary.

She knew how to position herself properly and one of the things she fought hard for is code sharing. She was fought at every turn by people who wanted to keep code to their own departments.

But she encouraged an openness in the military and, being the most knowledgeable of “the whole thing” more than anybody, they listened.

Yeah, I dont like when they do “great women in computing” with her on it. She wasn’t a woman. She was the right person at the right time with the right skills to do what had to be done. Yeah, I’m a fan

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