Grace Hopper – love that person.

Then again, by highlighting that “omg she’s a WOMAN” who did all that stuff, kinda takes away a bit from the accomplishments that she did in their own merit. If her name was John Hopper, I would’ve been equally impressed. Had top of the line University position in the 1930s, joined WWII at the age of 37 – WAY TOO OLD but people were desperate… and her smarts stuck her there… and all the good she did for computers, computer science – the whole importance of sharing code with each other… making the first compiler… that language she developed… and her comprehension of thing on a deep functional level and with the practical knowledge to “get ‘er done”… my adoration for her knows know bounds. She fought both corporate AND military silo-behavior very successfully, against the forces of both profit and the tendencies of “hogging secrets” generally speaking in order to get internal military promotions. She was like “f that” stuff.

Were she a man, I would’ve been equally impressed. Perhaps her being female, it’s slightly more but really, she’s an engineer – a mostly genderless creature.

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