Got it down to a science. I can analyze a song in less than 20 seconds

It’s funny, I haven’t heard them in about 20 years. A friend of mine was obsessed with them in the mid 90s, and I heard… well… all of it. Whatever they had ’cause he always played it.

But I liked it, so it wasn’t a hard ship. I don’t know if their style has changed, but most bands stick more or less with their style. I can write an imaginary Dream Theatre song in my head to fit the lyrics, hear the amazing complicated drum patterns, the fascinating chord changes, and the strong harmonious singing.

Even if my imaginary version of it is entirely off, it’s still making my smile thinking about it tongue emoticon


I have some catching up to do one of these days then smile emoticon I tend to analyze music very quickly to get a ‘sense of the style’. I spent most of 2014 and part of 2015 going through whatever was the “top viewed” songs on Youtube.

About every three weeks, I’d go through, find what’s good and write something on a handful of songs or respond in some way. (usually making a Vine highlighting the significant part in 6 seconds).

Got it down to a science. I can analyze a song in less than 20 seconds :P  Of course this has nothing to do with the lyrics: lyrics are separate. I focus on style and what the “main point” of their song is, at least musically.


Oh I do. I pick ones that “grab me” and hear them all the way through and allow the experience to take place. I just try to be careful because I can easily get addicted to a particular song and want to hear it over and over again. I let it happen sometimes though.



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