Got a kid (or yourself!) with

^Got a kid (or yourself!) with a CASE of the CRAZIES? Nothing INSTANTLY calms like YOGURT.

Favorite way: Frozen Strawberries, Yogurt, Milk, vanilla protein powder and a little sweetener of some kind. CREAMY, COLD, DELICIOUS.

Mix, in blender or ninja and drink.. About 2 cups strawberries, 3-4 scoops protein powder, a cup or two of yogurt and 2-3 cups of milk. Let the blender chop the strawberries first before dumping everything else in.

Calms a restless spirit (the yogurt), settles a nervous stomach (yogurt too), great meal replacement (especially the protein powder, which is great for diabetics and muscle builders, growing kids and everybody), cold and creamy and tasty and cheap and healthy and easy.

Me 'n mom had two giant glasses, and I filled up about 5 or 6 paper Dixie cups to share with everybody else. It got nom nom noms yum yum all around.

You can skip the protein powder if you don't have it. Still works, still good source of protein (yogurt + milk). Strawberries help clean your teeth, have vitamin C (even frozen).^

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