Good. Now I can finish what I never started.

Thank you for that pointer. This is why I love public – it’s in a public environment which allows me access to the conversation and provides me with a launching point of my own that’s only marginally linked to Jera’s purposes.

I can FINALLY complete my mathematics studies on my own.

1071 pages. 25 years of avoiding the mathematics and the logic, somewhat disgruntled due to counting on a professor that got me excited with his “Quantum Mechanics for the Myriad” lecture he gave to prospective students… and then goes off and LEAVES for a year.

I forgot his name too. All these years. Herbert Bernstein. – Good. Now I can finish what I never started.


“The physics professor Herbert Bernstein, then a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, read about Hampshire in the Whole Earth Catalog and was so intrigued he offered to work for nothing. He was hired, at a salary of $1.”

^ clinched it, although I was already enrolled by then. My disappointment at suddenly unavailable classes threw me for a loop. It was a good “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” moment in life and led me in other directions instead which I’m glad for. Still, the annoyed 18 yr old me never fully went away smile emoticon

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