Good. I’m glad they got here. I mean mathematically there’s usually no distinction of time’s arrow. In most of quantum mechanics you can go forwards or backwards willy-nilly as the equations suit you. This leads to all sorts of wonky theories about the Universe. Great for Sci-Fi imagination-provoking theoretical physics, but terrible for building real machines that do real stuff. Hoping further confirmations of Entropy will allow them to built machines that are effective at the subatomic level, getting them past the engineering difficulties of machines built at such small sizes, and give them some reasonable timelines for repair and maintenance of subatomic machines. I mean we can spend all day talking parallel Universes, Universes without cause and other fun weird stuff, but at the end of the day, we as a species want more interesting stuff. More technology. Better computers that can do more things more efficiently. Awesome stuff. Can’t keep our head in the clouds all the time and say, “Oh, the Universe is mathematics and balanced and pure” and stuff. I want a device that *does stuff*. Give me a device that can repair broken stuff in my body. Strengthen my memory. Paint that acts as a touch display computer so I can type on my tabletop instead of needing a computer/phone/tablet/whatever. There’s a lot of great tech possible once we stop getting religious about quantum mechanics. Studies like this confirming entropy nails down the reality of the nature of things a little better and can let us get to making stuff. ’cause I like cool toys.

Physicists confirm thermodynamic irreversibility in a quantum system via

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