God’s Will, Randomness, Gay Byrne, Fry – Kenneth Udut’s thoughts.


  • I enjoyed Gay Byrne’s quotes. I’ve often thought I’d made a good interviewer as I can my bias out of things and I’m usually aware of the places where I am biased and how that might be perceived.

    I also appreciated the clarity of Fry:
    “When I issue a statement it stays issued and you’d be a very brave person to take me on.’”

    A combination of the two traits can make for a very strong individual, one who is fair and impartial but whose words can have a strong easy staying power behind them if they *do* issue a strong opinion.

    Fry’s arguments regarding God however, seemed somewhat typically ridiculous and shortsighted. “Why would a God create [insert bad thing]?”

    Or like the questioning believer’s paradox, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

    The believer’s answer is: “God’s will”
    The unbelievers answer is: “Randomness”.

    To me, same thing. No contradiction.. I don’t know if it’s either God’s will *or* randomness or part of a discernible pattern.

    But “it is what it is”? yeah, I can go with that. To me, that’s ultimately what “God’s will” or “randomness” means ultimately in that context.
  • Kenneth Udut Even when I was a believer, when someone would say, “God’s Will Is ________” I considered them entirely full of shit.


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