Godel, certainty about uncertainty, Feynman, plenty of room at the bottom.

I love Godel. He shook up Mathematics in a big way. A side effect of changing the way people think about reality, though, is a lot of philosophies/ideas about life as it were (philosophies in the looser sense) are based upon “You can be certain that nothing is certain” and the consequences thereof, when in fact, he *was* speaking only about mathematics… at least at first.

Of course, “Nothing” has had to come under question as a Foundation for Everything once you have fields and quantum foam and such, but that says more about the link to physics than it does about mathematics itself.

I like Feynmann’s way of putting it better, “There’s plenty of room at the bottom”. Not quite the same, but he sidesteps the whole “is there REALLY anything there?” issue by saying, “Let’s work with what we’ve got, ok?”

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