God Quantum Science Potato Starch recipes


  • When people pontificate about Quantum stuff, to amuse myself, I mentally substitute the word “God” to see if what they say works – and it usually does.

    When a persuasive religious person pontificates about God, I amuse myself by mentally substituting various Quantum terms or or words like Mathematics and other stuff that people get equally mystical about.

    I like mystical thinking – it’s fun. I enjoy figuring out where someone’s personal “center of gravity” is as it were at times.

    But more than that, I appreciate humor that makes me go, “Wait… what? OH! hah!” which yours did.
  • Kenneth Udut Substituting God for other things works very well, once you figure out what someone’s “MAGIC WORDS” are. Science, Reason, Logic, Random, people use all sorts of things. I don’t believe words are magical or have inherent meaning in themselves and most concepts are pretty darn complex yet often share a common, analogical “meatiness” that transfers nicely, like substituting potato starch for corn starch in a recipe.


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