God and big bang – of course they can be together but – i don’t know – and that’s the fun part

Guys guys, please no fighting.  I suppose it;’s inevitable when talking about Ultimate Things like these.

I believe in using whatever tools are available to discover what truth is.  I look under every rock and stone, I look deep inside of me.  I look to how I was raised, and how other people talk and behave.

I don’t know if God exists.  That’s what faith is about – belief without proof.  But I have a somewhat scientifically plausable set of ideas that if God exists, how it may be… and why taking human form would start off as a baby.

Did the particles that the material from the Big Bang came from come from the breath of God?

It’s verry possible.

This is why I like the M-Brane theory.  It takes the problems of the Big Bang and puts it in a higher level of TOTALLY unknown things.

I’m not saying “that’s where God is in the 11 dimension bulk  but I’m not saying its not.

I’m saying in the end I don’t know.  I’m open to the possibilities.  It’s one of the reasons why talking about religious matters is usually dangerous territory – I hope you can accept me in my fractured state, Noah.

As a teenager, I was in church every day.  They hired me as the custodian.  7 days a week.  I read so many books while I was there.  Taught Sunday school every year from 8th-12th grade.  Loved it.

I went to a week long retreat for future Methodist ministers.

I was either going to be: minister or a professor or a psychologist.

Ended up going into computers.

But those 3 options are lifetime options – I can always become a minister or a professor or a psychologist :)

Anyway, hope you don’t think too differently of me Noah.  Your opinion matters.

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