Gimme an idealist with big dreams. Do something interesting and positive.

ok, at first, surprise that Christie endorses Trump but it didn’t last long. I went to Aljazeera for a greater explanation as they really do _try_ to be as unbiased as possible compared to our usual US reporting.

I read this, it made good sense as to the “why?” answer.

Christie’s a tough piece of grizzle under his aw-shucks demeanor. Gotta be in the role he’s played. Not so much tough in stance, but tough in dealing with critics. I don’t like or hate him; haven’t cared much about NJ politics since leaving jersey 14 yrs ago. [wasn’t much into it then either]. But it can’t be an easy state to govern; lots of shmoosing and backroom deals to be made and I suspect he’s good at it. That’s not even a criticism: it’s how politics is generally done… it’s just in NJ politics they don’t really hide it. tongue emoticon


Me personally? I don’t want a leader who is tough in that way. Gimme an idealist with big dreams. Do something interesting and positive. But the NJ “yeah right” in me also comes out from time to time… and honestly, it’s amazing I vote at all, except I firmly believe in being a participant in the process and voting with knowledge and conscience.

It’s not that I believe the system works the way it should. Of course it doesn’t. I wanna see change. Yet whether or not I agree with it, not a whole lot is asked of me in being a citizen of the USA and voting is one of those things. So I do it. I believe in it. I encourage it. It’s something.

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