getting the results you want out of your chosen leader is free toasters.

getting the results you want out of your chosen leader is free toasters.

I’m talking metaphorically. Tax cuts. All the promises. Free toasters if you support me unquestioningly.

The “us” they speak of isn’t you and me though. It’s the people of their class. Listen with that in mind and follow the money. Word games.

Interesting ruler. Facts about percentages : 1% of $100 is $1. 1% of $100,000 is $1000.

Spoils go to the rich so we can afford a nicer toaster.

Wiifm – your toaster – is what you’re concerned about.

Glad you’re not a red hat clone though and if you unabashedly only care about your own toaster and don’t care how the majority of it is distributed, then you could stand proud of this and you’d be consistent at least and I couldn’t fault that.

Austerity is in most of our futures but it won’t be depression level. I’m oddly fine with that so long as basics are covered which I think they will be. We’re overdue for a long period of stagnation in the west while Africa and South America will grow. China on an individuals basis as well. I think extreme poverty will be eliminated and most poverty. But it won’t be at anybody’s expense — it’s just that there’s not much further “up” for the citizens of first world countries for a while.

Why outsourcing? [not saying I’m in favor or against here]
It also makes the outsourced-to- country a favorable investment vehicle. As that country grows in wealth (they have more percentage points of growth to go “up” into), the bulk of the money feeds back into the origin nation… at least to the investor’s pockets


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