getting rid of violence – brainstorm

a) violence is committed by people. so: get rid of all people
b) violence is committed by some people: so, remove some people.
c) getting rid of people is wrong. So, change the violent acts.
d) how do you change the violent acts? You can stop them as they happen by monitoring actions and preventing as they occur.
e) But as they happen isn’t soon enough? Then you stop them before they start.
f) But how do you stop people from committing violence before they do it?
h) What do they commit violence with? Remove the tools they use.
i) What tools are used for violence? guns? bombs? Can you remove them?
j) You can make laws. But not everybody follow laws.
k) You can restrict commerce. But not everybody follows commercial routes.
l) So, you monitor everybody to make sure they don’t have tools for violence.
m) But what about making their own? Can you restrict parts?
n) Violent tools follow the laws of physics. Can you restrict the laws of physics if someone builds a weapon out of fertilizer, ammonia and a box of nails?
o) So, while perhaps some help, gun control can’t fully solve violent acts. This doesn’t mean it’s not valuable but it’s not a total solution.
p) So we’ll continue: If you can’t restrict the tools used… maybe you can stop the people from getting to the areas you are protecting.
q) Ok, you close the borders. But what if they’re already inside?
r) You monitor everybody. But for what? What can you monitor them for?


Quite true. Back in the 1980s, when terrorism was usually cubans stealing a plane and demanding ransom or something, head scarves were banned in my mother’s workplace. She worked for the local government in their justice system.

No native Muslims complained. That was just how it was. Government office. Separations of church + state and such.

A couple of American black muslims did but this was an era of racial quotas for hiring. Affirmitive action has improved GREATLY since then, but it was in its raw form then.

The thing is: They ALSO banned Jewish headgear. Lots of Lawyers were jewish.

In short, outside of a few rabble-rousers, nobody complained about the restriction.

But France? I don’t know if they restricted all religious displays on heads or just the scarves.

But if it was just the scarves? Yeah, that’s pretty bad.

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