Getting rid of fleas in carpet: a steamer.

For the carpet, a hard floor steamer. Any of them will do. Not permanent but kills a bunch of them and lasts for about a week before starting up again. Good if you can’t / don’t want to do chemicals on the carpet and stuff.

GGE – I did a hand steamer for a while ’bout once a week and like the effect so much I got a floor one. Various carpet chemicals only had a few day effect, stunk, made me cough, had to put the cat out of the room while I was doing it. Steaming was easier, smelled good, cheap. Less invasive to everybody.

I’m sure the chemicals or DE or Borax are more permanent solutions but right now, I’m just happy to have something to keep the fleas at bay, winning the war against them with less stress.

I steam the carpet, the furniture. It’s peaceful as I’m murdering them by the thousands. For the cat, we got something from the vet – don’t know the name – it’s not like the old stuff that was bad for cats… but I don’t do that part, just the carpet/furniture.

Everything I’ve read, it’s a long process. Have to keep at it patiently.

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