Get an account with AMERICA ONLINE!!!

Do you own an IBM, Macintosh or Apple ][?

Do you want to meet people but you just don’t have the courage (or age)
to go into a bar or other social environment?

Do you have a modem and want to do something DIFFERENT with it?

Get an account with AMERICA ONLINE!!!

It runs under a Graphical User Interface (Geoworks for IBM, Windows
version soon to come, Apple GEOS on Apple ][) and you DON’T even need a
copy of the full GUI! Everything you need to get hooked up to AOL on
FREE disks that get sent RIGHT to your home!

You can: Send E-Mail to your AOL friends (INTERNET E-Mail Gateway coming
SOON!), Chat with people with room names that YOU can create, Send
messages to people in Boards which YOU can name, Get the FRESHEST public
domain/shareware online… and even:

THREE FREE HOURS to try this AMAZING service!

To receive your FREE AOL software, or for more information on AOL and
what it can to for YOU, contact:

Kenneth Udut on The Juice Bar BBS (908/298-0764)

Leave E-Mail with your Name, Address and Phone Number. I will have the
AOL software sent to your house/PO Box, or, if you wish, I
can have the software sent to MY house and I can then send it to you.
Either way is fine.

Please consider America OnLine. We just went Public on the Stock Market
a few weeks ago (after years of dependable service) under NASAQ as
“AMER”, by the way. Contact your local broker for a Prospectus on
America Online (I will be doing so ASAP). With Three Free hours to play
with on AOL, you can’t lose. Contact me TODAY!

(I am not being paid for this ad. I am asking you to join AOL because,
frankly, I love the system and its price can’t be beat for the quality
of service and the friendliness of the people) –Kenneth Udut

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