GenZ – the future is bright. retrogamer/futurists will create it :)


  • Oh, but I believe it happens even sooner, on a subtler level and a younger level as well.

    Let’s go to video games and GenZ. I have followers on Vine that are young; (mentioned that before but I’m kinda proud of these kids who like my presence or whatever).

    Anyway, a lot of them have a strong interest in Retro gaming. Their dads are still gamers. They have a “link to the past”. They grow their OWN interest in the past of video games.

    They tinker. Hack. Get an interest in retrocomputing, retro programming, obsolete tech.

    They teach themselves programming; current languages; JAVA, LUA, first to hack their own features into games, then to make their own programs, as well as retro languages, and writing their own compilers, and even ASM. Not school related. It’s their own interests and passions.

    Flash forward: they now have at least two generations of knowledge under their belts – their own, plus a good portion of their parents generation and perhaps even before, when it comes to technology.

    If they maintain that “present+past” window of knowledge as they progress forward through careers, while SOME of their comrades will be asleep at the helm, these guys stand a chance of not only keeping the past alive and living in the present, but creating and keeping with future tech as it comes along.

    That’s why I don’t worry about the future. I was and am like that and I know a lot of these kids are too. There will be enough intellectual capital to survive whatever future brings us.
    Β The difference is: “boo hoo the past is gone” vs “let’s enjoy the past, the present and look towards the future simultaneously”.vs those just riding the wave of the present and not caring about the future _or_ the past. They’ll be the ones that crash


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