GenZ hackers – why I give them respect.

Yeah – I figure I got to have *my* time figuring out the ins-and-outs of the systems that I had to work through and I’m proud of it, and so I give the same respect to the kids that have to learn the ins-and-outs of the systems that THEY have to work through.

They have to deal with firewalls, layers of security, snagging passwords from parents… booting up Linux-on-a-stick to get into their parents Win7-8 system and trying to not get caught.. they have to get through these systems that are designed to keep hackers out which *also* turn every home into a “Walled Garden” that they can’t get their servers OUT of. Then they have to learn IPv6 if they want to communicate in total secret… and then there’s the land of Tor.

so really, I’m proud of the current stock of hackers growing up today. They’re beating past all these “security” measures quite successfully and if you ever look into the human called “Dank humor” (MLG) they poke fun of our generation with its X-Files conspiracy theorists, and has a very harsh critique of everything from their pot-smoking parents to world politics and 9-11 and religion… it has its own character and flavor to it. It’s a fascinating social movement.

Well, I never got super-deep into phreaker culture. I visited the boards, 5P0k3 1337 to fit in and stuff but I wasn’t too deep into it – just enough to bypass things that got in my way when I wanted to accomplish something.

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