Gentleman can be genuine or pretend. Humbled is genuine.

Gentleman can be genuine or pretend.
Humbled is genuine.


It’s supposed to but it’s more of a taught set of “right things to do” and being a “fake gentleman” is generally acceptable as it’s a roleplay.

But fake humility isn’t usually acceptable as it’s transparent.


Google’s “gentleman”:
“a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.
“he behaved like a perfect gentleman””

The chivalry is commonly taught and it’s not a bad thing in itself. Neither is courtesy bad in itself. They’re generally polite social lies that keep us from always battling.

Honor is trickier to define I think. I could look it up but I’ve seen it misused more than properly used for me to give it much creedance


The power of humility is in its groundedness. It’s akin to being centered.

Honor is too often politically motivated / used for personal gain. Honor used in humility however is solid.


Example: If you commit a crime, run and then “do the right thing” and turn yourself in, you are:
a) humbling yourself to lawful authorities
b) being honorable in fulfilling your legal promises.


But: consider this: protecting your community / family / etc *is* also humility.

You’re humbling yourself before community.
You’re humbling yourself before family.

Their needs are greater than your own.



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