Genesis – Adam + Eve + Snake = “Don’t Talk to Strangers”. Snake as Slenderman, Troll under the bridge, etc.

Forensic geneticists and evolutionary scientists are searching for Eve though – and others looking for Adam… a prototypical “first human pairing”, so they may, in fact, have existed: first humans… just perhaps not quite as illustriously protrayed as they are in Genesis, which is a not a bad explanation of “Why people are mean to each other and often just plain old suck”. Maybe not the best, but there’s some truth to the idea that you can know *so much* about good and evil that you no longer care anymore about your fellow man, or anything really.

In the end, I think it was an old “Don’t talk to strangers” story for children, much like the Troll under the bridge or Slenderman a few years back in Creepypasta land.

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