Generalizing sort of fuzzily – work in progress, patterns showing so far – 1361 documents (new tags I added) changed out of 2589

Humanities 45
Performing arts 7
Visual arts 26
History 341
Languages 210
literature 319
Law 353
Philosophy 241
Theology 23
Social Sciences 106
Anthropology 42
Economics 90
Geography 49
Political science 59
Psychology 330
Sociology 56
Social Work
Natural Sciences 111
Biology 197
Chemistry 108
Earth science 63
Space sciences 89
Physics 278
Formal Sciences 45
Computer Science 271
Algorithm 244
Artificial Intelligence 147
Cognitive Science 213
Programming 191
Logic 389
Mathematics 279
Geometry 213
Algebra 205
Analysis 588
Calculus 137
Applied Sciences 93
Engineering 258
Technology 278
Medicine 148
Health 232
experience 380
play 431
sound 268
system 811
consci 180
draw 402
space 535
time 753
outline 225
morph 192
model 692
epistemology 60
ontology 68
categor 346
ontolog 89
epistemolog 82
act 735
structur 631
function 677
form 767
theory 629
theor 755
comput 690
concret 185

dimension 430

now 1560 document changes out of 2589 documents

it’s looking that way. I decided to try to loosely tie the Mendeley academic articles I have in my database 2589, earlier not in yet, using standard US academic categories as keywords without getting too nuts on specificity just yet.
(After all there’s an etymological connection even if its metaphorical)
Just looking for rough measures for possible patterns.
So far it’s working. I skipped business because one of the academic paper places uses “+ Business” in their name so that’s way too skew. But stuff like “analysis” being common is ok.
 Yeah. I indexed various PDFs I had sitting on my hard drive that I’d read. It doesn’t mean I understood them – but I tried. I usually research things that I don’t know much about so it’s more a map of my ignorance than strength
 I’ve been having trouble finding common themes.
I’m going to get more specific when I get back to my computer on this, but what I want to do first is create an anchor system that I can hang these papers off of.
 thank you. I hope it gets more interesting as I drill down into the more specific.
For example, I didn’t realize that cognitive science falls under artificial intelligence
I knew AI was an interest of mine but cognitive science much more so. It’s that kind of connection that I hope comes out of this.
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I had a hunch that the name of academic departments, names of journals, job titles, may include the generalized information already there, even if the title of the paper and content didn’t reveal what field it’s from or for.
It’s working surprisingly well
So for example if a paper is about colors but it’s written from somebody in the mathematics department, the basic keyword search will pick up mathematics which would be the right keyword



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